About Us

Hey, I’m Ryan – Shaboardz founder and director of operations – and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to tell you a little more about us and what we do!

In 2019, Shaboardz was born in Canada from a desire to contribute to the e-skate world. It was the adrenaline rush & sense of presence I felt when riding an electric skateboard at high speeds, combined with the fact I could help people quickly repair and maintain their boards that made me want to create my own brand of electric skateboards.

A few years ago, I moved to the West Coast and picked up longboarding. Although I progressed, riding downhill was always a nerve-wracking experience for me because I didn’t feel in control of myself or the board when I picked up too much speed.

If you’ve ever gone longboarding downhill then you know it’s easy to pick up speed quickly, even on a slight incline. Conventional longboards don’t have brakes, so when the speed picks up it’s hard to stop unless you’re an experienced rider and have practiced stopping techniques before. For me, this resulted in lots of bailing on pavement and injuries.

After my first experience riding an electric longboard, I needed to continue riding! I was able to slow down on the hills that made me anxious in the past and I was able to ride at high speeds while still being in control, thanks to the hand-held remote that controlled braking and acceleration. Being in the present moment is something I value and emphasize in my life – riding an electric longboard calms my mind and gives me a sense of presence that I truly need.

I started researching the market, here, in Canada, and spoke to people who had purchased boards from out-of-country. Quickly, I realized that most e-skate brands struggle with their after-sale support. For many of these customers, it took weeks to receive parts! That’s why Shaboardz was created and how we’re different.

On top of our overseas warehouse, which fulfills international orders, we provide repairs and components shipped from within Canada, which means Canadians can get their components faster than other brands deliver. Faster shipping & repairs means more time spent riding!

During our four years in business, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about the parts & components used in electric skateboards & longboards. We’ve been repairing and maintaining boards since day one – we even repair boards that weren’t sold by us. We’ve used this experience to develop the best boards possible with the best components available & to help e-skate customers repair and customize their boards.

We work with E-Kruise, in Kelowna, to bring high quality electric skateboards to customers in the Okanagan, BC. On top of selling boards from this location, we provide servicing, and products that can be installed to customize existing boards, like Shredlights, wheel kits & pulleys. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for e-skate customers in Kelowna and the rest of Canada to get outdoors on a board & receive components and service as quickly as possible, when they need it!

But we can’t write this page without telling you about the difficult times our business has endured – and those times come in the Winter months. Canada has a winter season that lasts about 6 months of the year and during that time sales are slow. The e-skate market in Canada is seasonal and for that reason, Shaboardz had to find a way to make our business sustainable during the colder months. The discomfort of the winter months sparked ideas and provided time for research and educational content creation for our customers and those looking to learn more about e-skate.

We made the decision to expand to International markets and locations where the weather is warm year-round. Canadian customers don’t have to worry – we will provide the same level of service and our products will continue to get better and better, like they always have. Customers from other countries can expect the same level of quality from our products and service from our team, that our customers here in Canada receive.

I want anyone in the world to have the same amazing experience that I’ve had on an electric skateboard and I want to deliver that experience to them! Electric skateboarding provided me with a safe way to commute, a new way to to explore nature and gain presence while pushing outside of my comfort zone. I want everyone to have that same opportunity.

As our business grows and heads in to a new season, our boards and components continue to get better and better. We now offer some of the best electric longboards on the market that can compete with any of the top brands and products in the industry. With the continued improvement of our products comes higher performing boards and one of the fastest electric longboards on the market, when compared to other similarly priced e-boards.

Outside of our wide selection of electric longboards, we are focused on bringing customers unique electric skateboard wheel kits, so you can customize your board and make it look different from any other board out there. Quickly delivering these wheel kits and educating customers on the installation process and how those wheels will influence your ride, are areas we’re highly focused on for 2023 and beyond.

Producing more content about maintaining and repairing components is an area where we will continue to improve in 2023. You’ll be able to visit our YouTube Channel and find the answers to questions you have about repairing components and how different components affect the ride and feel of your board. Take this video on replacing the hub motors on a hub board, for example.

We also want to educate you! Even if you didn’t buy your board from us, you can come to us to learn – visit the Learn section on our website and you might just find the answers to questions you have.

Thank you for your trust and being part of our community. We know an e-board is an investment, so contact me directly if you have questions about an existing or future purchase.

Ride Inspired – Ryan