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Is Snowboarding similar to Longboarding (electric longboarding)?

Electric longboarding and snowboarding are two adrenaline-pumping activities that ignite a sense of adventure and freedom. While they may seem distinct at first glance, these two dynamic board sports share remarkable similarities that make them soulmates of the gliding & carving world. This article will delve into the exciting world of off-road electric skateboarding and explore how it resembles the exhilarating experience of snowboarding. How Does Electric Longboarding Share Similarities With Snowboarding? Off-road electric Longboarding shares similarities with snowboarding, creating... Read More

New releases – Our best 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard yet

A new year will bring new products from Shaboardz – our 2 in 1 electric skateboards will be getting some massive upgrades and we’ll be releasing our fastest electric longboard to date. Our best 2 in 1 electric skateboard is Summit XT v2. It’s our fastest board to date and has gone through a number of significant component upgrades for the 2023 riding season. Our budget all-terrain electric longboard, Summit v3, has received some huge upgrades in torque and speed,... Read More

What is a 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard?

What is a 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard / longboard? An electric board that can be easily converted from a street board to an all-terrain board, or from an all-terrain board to a street board. This is an electric skateboard that isn’t limited to one type of wheel or one type of riding – you can customize it with different wheels that suit your needs and riding style. The difference between street boards and all-terrain boards are the wheels –... Read More

Electric Longboard Battery: Best practices

Electric longboards / skateboards have many components prone to wearing out – the most important being the battery. Fortunately, there are some practices we can follow to increase the life span of our electric longboard battery. Luckily for you, I comprised some of the best practices that you need to know in this article. I’ll tell you how long an electric longboard battery should last and how you can make them last longer. Plus, I’ll give you some tips for... Read More

Top 5 Places to Ride in Vancouver – Electric Longboard

Places to ride in Vancouver It’s no secret that the electric longboard and PEV (personal electric vehicle) scene in Vancouver is growing – What was once a small community in riders is now a diverse community with electric skateboard riders of all ages and backgrounds. Add the fact that there is a beautiful city like Vancouver to explore and wander which leaves a question open that many new riders and visitors ask. “Where are the best places to ride an... Read More

Can electric skateboards go uphill?

Have you ever wondered “can electric skateboards go uphill” after seeing a steep hill in your neighborhood? Electric skateboards are a popular form of transportation and recreation, and they are becoming increasingly more powerful and capable of tackling more challenging terrain, including steep hills. Hill climbing on an electric skateboard can be a great way to test and challenge your board, but it’s important to understand its potential limitations and which boards are better for climbing hills. Before attempting to... Read More

How wheel size influences Electric Skateboard performance

Electric skateboard performance is determined by a number of factors. One of the easiest ways to increase the performance of your electric skateboard is by changing the size of the wheels on your board or changing the pulley size on belt-drive boards. The process may look a little different and produce different results, depending on the type of motors your board has; belt-drive performance is affected by pulley size, whereas hub and direct-drive boards are only affected by the wheel’s... Read More

Airless electric skateboard wheels = less anxiety

Have you ever popped a tire on your all-terrain electric skateboard?  Did this happen in the middle of a long ride?  Were you left stranded and feeling disappointed about the wheels on your board? If this has happened to you and you’re tired of having to maintain the air-filled (pneumatic) wheels on your board, consider trying out the airless electric skateboard wheels that Shaboardz offers in our wheel kits section. Shaboardz has two main options for airless electric skateboard wheels.... Read More

Pneumatic Wheels On Your Electric Skateboard

Does it feel like your board is obsolete when you’re unable to ride on the same terrain as other boards with larger air-filled wheels (pneumatic wheels). Do you have a direct drive board with smaller airless wheels? That can probably make you feel left out from riding where boards with bigger pneumatic wheels can ride. Shaboardz has a direct drive all-terrain wheel kit that is easily installed on direct drive boards, like our Rampage model. This all-terrain direct drive wheel... Read More

Improving your mental health on an electric longboard

Electric longboarding is more than just a fun and eco-friendly ways to get around – it can also help in improving your mental health. Whether you’re commuting to work, cruising through the park, or riding up a challenging hill, electric longboarding can provide a ton of mental health benefits that are sure to improve your overall well-being. The sense of freedom and independence One of the most beneficial aspects of electric longboarding is the sense of freedom and independence it... Read More

Riding Mountainboard In Squamish, BC

When the average person from Vancouver or anywhere in BC thinks of Squamish, they most likely think of mountain biking, hiking or a great place for a weekend getaway with some amazing views and lots of places to explore outdoors. You can now add mountainboarding to that list!  We were lucky enough to spend some time in Squamish this summer and we found some amazing trails to ride our MTN model electric mountainboard. These trails were suitable for all off-road PEV,... Read More

Electric Skateboard Parts Canada

Waiting for your electric skateboard parts can be a tedious process when you live in Canada, especially when there are supply chain issues like the ones that every business and consumer are dealing with in today’s world. Shaboardz has a large inventory of electric skateboard parts right here in Canada, ready to ship to you same or next day. Important components we have in stock Luckily many of the components used to build electric skateboards are universally used by most... Read More