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Are Electric Skateboards Legal?

Can you ride an electric skateboard in Canada without being ticketed? From our experience, the answer is an overwhelming YES. As long as you are respecting the rules of the road and not causing trouble and dangerous situations for drivers, you will not have an issue.  Shaboardz has been in business for two and a half years now and during that time we’ve had many potential customers reach out and ask us: “are electric skateboards legal” and wonder if they’ll be... Read More

Are Electric Longboards Safe?

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “Are electric longboards safe” you’ve come to the right place. While there are some dangers involved in the sport, longboarding is a very safe activity. In fact, very few people suffer injuries while longboarding. When accidents occur, usually it’s a result of riders hitting obstructions or riding downhill with too much speed and not being able to stop. This is why we always tell people that electric longboards and skateboards are actually safer than conventional... Read More

4 Things To Consider When Buying Electric Skateboards / longboards

Electric Skateboards / longboards are one of the most inspiring and exhilarating ways to commute or enjoy your free time. They are also pretty good for the environment since they do not produce any emissions. If you are looking to buy an electric longboard, here are some factors you will need to consider so you can purchase the best possible board. I’m going to stress that buying electric skateboards is a process that involves considering what you need in a board... Read More

Off-road Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards have gained immense popularity in recent years as a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation. While traditional electric skateboards are primarily designed for urban commuting or cruising on smooth surfaces, a new breed of off-road electric skateboard has emerged to cater to thrill-seeking riders who crave adrenaline-pumping adventures.  These rugged and versatile boards are built to tackle challenging terrains, opening up a world of off-road exploration. In this article, we delve into the exciting realm of off-road electric... Read More

EUC vs Electric Skateboarding – Benefits of Electric Skateboard Over EUC

In personal electric transportation, two popular options have emerged: electric skateboards and electric unicycles (EUCs). This article will compare these products to shed light on the benefits of electric skateboards over EUCs, explicitly focusing on their similarities to onewheels.  We will explore why electric skateboards, like the ones offered at Shaboardz, surpass EUCs and onewheels, addressing the downsides and highlighting the superior features that make electric skateboards the ultimate choice for enthusiasts and commuters. Benefits of Electric Skateboards Over Electric... Read More

All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

As urban landscapes evolve and our desire for adventure grows, a new generation of transportation devices has emerged, transcending the limitations of traditional skateboards. Among these cutting-edge innovations, all-terrain electric skateboard have taken the world by storm, captivating thrill-seekers and urban explorers alike. This article embarks on an exciting journey to uncover the electrifying world of all-terrain electric skateboards. From the bustling city streets to unpaved trails and everything in between, we’ll explore the capabilities, features, and exhilarating experiences these... Read More

Electric Skateboard Calgary

In recent years, the personal electric vehicle transportation landscape has been evolving at an impressive pace, and Calgary is no exception. As the city embraces sustainability and innovation, a new mode of transportation is taking center stage – electric skateboards.  Combining the thrill of skateboarding with the convenience and eco-friendliness of electric power, these futuristic boards are rapidly gaining popularity among Calgarians. In this article, we will explore the world of electric skateboards in Calgary and why they are becoming... Read More

Electrique Skate

Les planches à roulettes électriques ont fait sensation dans le monde entier, révolutionnant notre façon de nous déplacer, d’explorer et de nous amuser. Parmi les entreprises réputées de planches à roulettes électriques, Shaboardz se distingue en tant que fournisseur de premier plan basé au Canada, répondant à la demande croissante de planches à roulettes électriques au Québec.  Grâce à notre excellente réputation et à nos services d’expédition efficaces, Shaboardz est devenu la destination de choix pour les amateurs de planche... Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Longboard Vs Electric Skateboard

So, you’re looking to get your first electric skateboard? Congratulations! A life of exhilarating fun awaits you! There’s just one problem: Should you get an electric longboard or electric skateboard? What’s the difference anyway?  Plus, if you’ve tried researching online, you’ve probably realized there are too many options on the market.  How do you find an eboard that works for you and is worth every cent you pay for it?  Well, you need to understand the inner workings of electrical... Read More

Electric Skateboard Safety Gear And Equipment: Everything You Need

I’ll be honest, when I first started riding, I never took electric skateboard safety gear into consideration. I was the guy riding my electric longboard without a helmet or pads and although I don’t think you absolutely need every piece of safety equipment available. I do think you do need specific items for specific circumstances. Beyond needing safety gear for riding your electric longboard, we also need to address the style or type of safety gear. I’m going to discuss... Read More

Summit Vs. Summit XT: Off-road Electric Longboards

After a long-anticipated wait, Summit v2 & Summit XT v1 is here! These off-road electric longboards have some amazing features and a lot of similarities.. So many similarities, that we’ve created a Summit series within our line-up. Summit & Summit XT have belt drive systems, similarly shaped decks, double kingpin trucks, 6″ all-terrain wheels and the option to change out the AT wheels for street wheels. Our Summit model is our entry-level all-terrain electric longboard. If you’re just starting out with electric longboards... Read More

Get More Battery Range With Our Updated Boards

This year we’ve updated our electric mountainboard with some new components and new batteries. We’ve also made some changes to the bindings on the MTN model. New & Improved Summit and MTN Longboards There were some delays in dropping our upgraded 2022 models this Spring, but they’re finally here! We’ve updated our Summit and MTN models with some new components and we’re excited to have them in stock and ready to ship to our customers. Both of these all-terrain electric... Read More