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Best Trails In North Vancouver To Ride Your Electric Skateboard / longboard

Trails in North Vancouver are easy to find because there are so many of them! The following locations are some of the best places we’ve had the opportunity to ride in North Van over the past couple of years. So put on your helmet, turn on your remote, and let’s ride! If you live in North Vancouver, you’re probably already familiar with all of the amazing trails and scenery. If you’re not from North Van or don’t live there now,... Read More

Electric Mountainboard vs. Electric Longboard

What is the difference between riding the Shaboardz Summit and Shaboardz MTN? Both of these boards are electric all-terrain boards and can be ridden over grass, gravel, rocks and the forest floor. However, one of these boards does these things better than the other, and that’s MTN.  The Best Choice for Electric Mountain Board If you want a true electric mountainboard that can give a smooth ride over any terrain for extended periods of time, then the board you want to purchase... Read More

Regenerative Braking In Your Electric Longboard…Worth It?

One of the most common features and selling points of any electric longboard is the regenerative braking system. How Regenerative Braking Works? Let me first give a brief description of how it works; regenerative braking is an energy recovery system, that converts energy used from braking into an energy source that can be immediately used – in the case of electric longboards, it is stored in the battery and gives the board extra battery life, on the spot. How and where... Read More

Electric Longboards: Hub Drive vs Belt Drive

Throughout the evolution of the electric longboard, we have seen a fork in the road that many riders encounter when choosing the right board for them. While searching for the perfect board a rider will eventually come across a decision that will alter their electric longboard riding style and type! I’m talking about the decision between hub drive vs belt drive motors. I’m going to break down the difference between the two and how to choose which one is the... Read More

Electric Longboard Maintenance & Inspections

You bought or built an electric skateboard or longboard and you’re ready to ride, but are you actually ready to ride? There is a lot you learn from the experience of riding an electric board. One of the things you learn quite early is the importance of proper electric longboard maintenance and inspections. Electric longboard maintenance can vary from rider to rider and board to board. For example, one board may be all-terrain that will allow it to go “off-road”... Read More