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Are you in the market for a new or used Electric Skateboard in the Greater Vancouver area or Lower Mainland, BC? Or maybe you need repair, maintenance or new wheels on your existing board?

If you’re looking for these products or services in Vancouver, there isn’t much choice. Stores that sell Electric Skateboards are usually focused on other products and have e-boards in stock as their third or fourth product – they’re simply not focused on electric skateboards. 

This can leave these retailers with a lack of knowledge and know-how when it comes to electric skateboards, along with limited product selection and less components for repairs – Do they even offer repair services? The answer is no.

Shaboardz has teamed up with Electric Feel to serve e-skate customers in Greater Vancouver, BC, and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose Electric Feel & Shaboardz?

We’re excited to be the Lower Mainland’s first store that is primarily focused on electric skateboard sales and service. At Electric Feel you’ll be able to find an extensive selection of parts and components that you will not find anywhere else in the lower mainland. This makes Electric Feel the go-to destination for any repairs your board needs, even if you didn’t purchase your board from us.

Most parts and components in the electric skateboard industry are interchangeable, which means we can repair and customize boards from other brands. Shaboardz has been in business for over 4 years now and we’re excited to provide our customers with the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years at our new store in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We’ll also be building custom Molicel battery packs here. If you need a custom lithium ion battery for your board, get in contact with us for a quote!


Shaboardz is now offering these products and services to customers in North Vancouver and lower mainland, BC. The store is located at 2065 Old Dollarton Road – just off Highway One. It’s right next to the popular Belmondo Coffee shop.

The store is very easy to find – it’s accessible to people traveling from outside of North Vancouver because it’s located very close to Highway One and can be accessed by taking the first exit on highway one in North Vancouver, just over the second narrows bridge. It’s a one minute drive after taking the exit. Take the first left on to Old Dollarton Rd and we’re right there beside the coffee shop!

The Phibbs Bus Exchange is just around the corner from the shop, which is convenient for those traveling from outside of North Vancouver without a car. Customers who need repair or custom work done can take the bus or ride their board to the shop.

For customers traveling from Vancouver Island who take the Ferry out of Nanaimo, this storefront is located approximately a 25 minute drive from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. If you live on Vancouver Island and you’re hesitant about purchasing an Electric Skateboard or Electric Skateboard wheels online, you can visit Electric Feel and Demo our boards, get a wheel kit installed or a broken board fixed up.

Products and Services

We’ll have some of the fastest and most durable electric longboards on the market available at Electric Feel. From a budget board that won’t break the bank, to a high-performance board that will reach top speeds up to 57 km/h, or electric mountain boards for beginners – we have an e-board for everyone! We also have used electric skateboards in stock that are tuned up or refurbished before resale. Shaboardz offers a 365 day warranty on all 2023 model electric skateboards.

Electric Feel has tons of e-skate parts and components for sale and can install them for you at a low cost. Components like: wheel kits, batteries, remote controls, ESC’s, motors, pulleys, belts, decks, grip tape, lights, tubes, tires, etc, will all be available at this store. If it’s on the Shaboardz website then it’s in stock at Electric Feel! We’ll install it for you at a low cost or give you a tutorial on how to install it yourself, if you’re looking to save on the cost of labor.

We’ll be offering demos at this location, so customers can try the product before making a purchase. If you’d like to try riding any of our electric skateboards before purchasing, you’ll be able to do that at Electric Feel.

Payment Options

Electric Feel & Shaboardz will offer a wide range of payment options to make it easy for you to purchase an electric skateboard or any of the components we have in stock. Financing through Affirm is one of the options we have available, so you can ride now and paylater. We also accept debit, credit, cash and e-transfer.

Visit our storefront at
in North Vancouver, BC

2065 Old Dollarton Rd, North Vancouver, BC.

The store is located at 2065 Old Dollarton Road – just off Highway One. It’s right next to the popular Belmondo Coffee shop.

Have questions? Wondering if we have what you’re looking for?


Words from Our Valued Customers

  • Google Review

    AMAZING!!!!!! if I could give more than 5 stars I would. So helpful, understanding and willing to help you out with pretty much anything board related. Didn’t have to travel either. So flexible and just a wonderful customer service overall. Thanks so much !! Would 1000% recommend!

    HolliePopStudios Inc

  • Google Review

    So I have had the Summit XT for a little over a month and just broke the 100KM mark. And all I can say is that wow this makes my third electric board (Boosted mini s, Team Gee H20) and this will be my last broad for a long while. With all this my favorite thing is that there a fellow maple syrup sippin countryman makes it all that better. The customer support is also chief kiss Ps: The stock... Read More

    Dylan cameron

  • Google Review

    The best customer service I ever had. Delivered my order same day right to my front door. Now it’s my go-to shop for esk8 accessories and parts.

    Anton Raizvikh

  • Google Review

    Very Helpful. Even though this company is located in Kelowna, they have branched out to Vancouver. Came directly to my front door to help with warranty/repairs and was very enthusiastic to answer any questions I had. Very good quality product, 100% would buy from again.

    E V A N N

  • Google Review

    Baught a board off Ryan, he sent it to Newfoundland for me. This was a hassle free experience, awesome service, awesome price and quality product. Hands down a wonderful experience, I love my board.

    Brandon D

  • Google Review

    Customer service is fantastic, so for the products to be tough, fast, smooth is just AMAZING!! Owner is a chill guy, and very friendly.I bought one of his MNT boardz and have ridden it everyday I can, thing is a blast!

    Rikki Dehaan

  • Google Review

    What a great board. Been using it for a couple months and the performance is incredible. As well, the customer support is top notch. Highly Recommended!! 10/10

    Joe B

  • Facebook Review

    Great product, great customer service. We’ll be buying more from these guys!

    Blair Hutton

  • Google Review

    I bought the Coast board and it was one of the best boards I have ever purchased. This board is a great entry into the electric longboard scene. I had some trouble with the board and the support team responded very quickly and offered a solution within minutes. They also answered my many questions about the board with easy and straightforward answers. I cannot recommend them enough!

    Moe S (Athens)

  • Google Review

    My Shaboardz Rampage has been my first and probably the only eskate I will ever need. The range and speed on that thing is ridiculous. The board is amazingly well built and it looks like it will last the test of time. Shaboardz customer service is always on point and they always answer my questions and concerns. I highly recommend getting your board here. You won’t be dissapointed.

    Pablo Morales

  • Google Review

    Amazing customer service. every question I had was answered quickly. very affordable price compared to the other eboards out there and after having received the board i am amazed with its performance. great battery life and more speed/ powerful motors than i could ever need. i love the low profile of that battery and ecs casing along the bottom of the board. all and all its beyond my expectations.11/10 would recomend

    Curt O

  • Google Review

    Been on a skateboard for 20+ years and have always wanted to try a eskate. After some consultation and awesome advice from there customer service all i can say is WOW so far!! This thing is insane!!! Looking forward to ripping around all summer!!!!

    Lloyd McGivern

  • Google Review

    Ryan was absolutely amazing. He provided excellent customer service when I faced an issue with my board. He personally came to pick up the board and had it fixed within a few hours. Honestly would recommend this brand to anyone looking for a good quality electric longboard.

    shaheed hajiyani

  • Google Review

    Love the YouTube tutorialNot mechanically inclinedSo the step by step visual was preemoGot the street wheels on now!Will try not to die today

    Max Banville

  • Google Review

    I bought the Shaboardz swap, and it’s says it only goes 14-17km on a single charge, but I got it to 22km and still had 2 bars left. I’m very impressed after 1.5 months of riding.

    Tiffany Hersak

  • Google Review

    I really love this board! I have been using it daily for a couple of months now and it’s even better than expected. I like that it comes with 2 sets of wheels. The battery life is awesome. I use it off road regularly. This is the best by I’ve made. Ryan is always extremely helpful and made sure everything worked perfectly and is always available for questions I might have. His customer is above and beyond. I recommend this... Read More

    Natalie Pflanz

  • Google Review

    Fantastic selection and prices for anything e-skate. And then there’s the shipping. Free next day shipping! I ordered my shredlights on a Thursday at noon and they were delivered the next day to me in Saskatchewan. That’s unheard of for free shipping. Thanks Shaboardz! I’ll definitely be doing business with you more in the future!

    just2wikid mugggs

  • Google Review

    Probably my best purchase of the year, I’m in love with my board and gear! Service honestly exceeded my expectations I ordered everything online and they really went above and beyond!

    Jessica Saflianis

  • Google Review

    Been using it for couple months now, and im still living it, the odometer is at 500km and the board still runs good ! Go shaboardz for making such beast boards 💪🙌


  • Google Review

    I have been skating a long time. Always wanted a electric board. But I had to find one that could keep up with me 🙂Well I found it with shadboardz street, had the range and the speed that I can get anywhere I need too.So happy I got it.

    shaun kennedy