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Shaboardz has a wide selection of Electric skateboards, longboards & Mountainboards for sale. Our line-up consists of Budget Electric Longboards, All-terrain Electric Longboards, Electric Mountainboards & One of the Fastest Electric Longboards on the market.

We’ve been in business for three and a half years, serving mostly Canadian customers. We’ve learned a lot during that time and built a positive reputation here in Canada. We’re expanding to international markets, where we will continue to offer the best Electric Longboards on the market, along with service the other brands won’t match.

We have a board for anyone and everyone! From a budget Electric Longboard designed for commuting in urban areas, to High Performance Electric Longboards that will ride up to 50 km on a single charge and accelerate to 57 km/h. We specialize in 2 in 1 All-terrain Electric longboards that are capable of riding off-road.

Our experience in the industry has helped us assemble the best boards possible with the best components available, so we can deliver the best products on the market at great prices, with financing options available for our customers, because you come first – Welcome to the family.

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