115mm Studded Electric Skateboard Wheels

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  • Winter-Ready Kit: This set includes 4 – 115mm studded airless wheels, 2 – 45T Kegel pulleys, and 2 – 285-5M belts, providing everything required to upgrade your electric skateboard for icy winter conditions.
  • Enhanced Grip on Icy Surfaces: These wheels perform best in temperatures below zero, which produce ice. Slushy / wet conditions aren’t recommended for your board. The 115mm airless skateboard wheels – now studded – offer superior traction on winter terrains such as icy roads and snow-covered paths, ensuring safe and smooth rides. 
  • Simple Installation: The installation process, taking less than 15 minutes, is straightforward. These wheels are designed to be interchangeable, fitting most standard electric skateboards.  *Make sure your board’s wheels have an 8mm inner bearing diameter and 10mm diameter for the pulley before purchasing these wheels for your board.*
  • Durable and High-Quality Construction: Constructed from premium rubber and reinforced with robust studs, these wheels are built to last through winter’s harsh conditions, offering exceptional durability and shock absorption.
  • Low Maintenance, High Performance: These studded wheels are maintenance-free and immune to flats, making them an ideal choice for skateboarders seeking reliable performance during the winter season.

All-Terrain Studded Winter Wheel Kit for Electric Skateboards – Conquer Snow and Ice with Confidence

Unleash the full potential of your electric skateboard adventures, even in the frostiest conditions, with our Studded Winter Wheel Kit. These premium 115mm rubber wheels are tailor-made for esk8er’s looking to carve through icy winter landscapes. The deep treads and strategic studding of the tires provide unmatched grip and traction, allowing you to ascend icy paths and glide over hard-packed snow with ease and stability.

Conquer Winter Terrain with our Studded Wheel Kit: Skate Year-Round!

Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to year-round skateboarding with our Studded Electric Skateboard Wheels. Each 115mm wheel is meticulously engineered with resilient rubber and carefully placed studs to bite into ice and hard-packed snow, providing you with the control you need to navigate winter terrain confidently. The kit includes 4x studded wheels, 2x Kegel pulleys (45T), and 2x belts (285-5M), ensuring a complete set for an easy upgrade to your board.

Set of four 115mm studded rubber wheels with Kegel pulleys and belts for electric skateboards.
Upgrade your ride with a complete set of 115mm studded wheels, Kegel pulleys, and durable belts.
Single 115mm studded winter rubber wheel for electric skateboards, with detailed tread and studs for grip.
Single 115mm studded winter wheel showcasing the rugged tread and durable studs for ultimate grip in icy conditions.

Year-Round Skateboarding Adventures with Our Studded Winter Wheel Kit!

Get ready to shred through winter like a pro with our Studded Electric Skateboard Wheels. These 115mm wheels are specially designed to handle icy conditions with ease. Each wheel is crafted with durable rubber and strategically placed studs that provide the perfect grip for navigating winter terrain.

  • Robust Design: Crafted for durability, these wheels are built to withstand the harshest of winter’s challenges.
  • Enhanced Traction: The studded tires ensure a firm grip on slippery surfaces, reducing slippage and increasing safety.
  • High-Quality Rubber: Made with top-tier rubber, these studded electric skateboard wheels promise smooth rides and excellent shock absorption.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Easy to install, the wheel kit comes with everything you need to fit a range of electric skateboards.
  • Winter-Ready: Don’t let snow or ice slow you down. These wheels are specifically designed for winter conditions, giving you the freedom to ride year-round.


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