3M-228-15 belt

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This belt fits first-gen Shaboardz electric skateboards. It’s size is: 3m-228-15. Belts are universally used by different e-skate companies on different boards, so this could be the right size belt for your board.

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We have a large selection of e-skate belts, timing belts for small engines, snowblower belts, etc. Whether you’re looking for an electric skateboard belt or replacement belts for small machinery to repair a tool around the house, we might have the correct size timing belt you’re searching for. All belts are shipped express and you receive them within 1-2 business days when ordering in Canada.

The belt’s size is usually written on the outside of the belt. Check the size of your belt and then search our parts section to see if we have the correct size belt available to quickly ship to you.


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