45T ABEC pulleys

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  • Do you want your electric skateboard to accelerate faster?
  • Comes with two 45T ABEC pulleys
  • Fits ABEC wheels like Cloudwheels & other standard e-skate wheels
  • Bigger pulley = more torque / quicker acceleration

Increased acceleration

Is your board slow off the line? Do you want it to accelerate quicker? Installing bigger pulleys on your belt drive electric skateboard is the cheapest way to give your board more power / torque, without having to make any dramatic changes. 

If you have a smaller electric skateboard pulley – like a 36T or 40T pulley – you may not be getting as much torque as you need. The smaller pulleys will produce a higher top speed, but they don’t accelerate from a stopped position as fast as a bigger 45T pulley will.

Does it fit your board?

This pulley is ABEC, so make sure your wheels take an ABEC pulley and NOT a Kegel pulley, before purchasing. Installation is easy and can be completed in 15 minutes or less. If the pulley you’re replacing is smaller, then you’ll need bigger belts with these new pulleys.


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