90mm Pink Electric Skateboard Wheels

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  • 90mm x 62mm 
  • 78A hardness rating
  • Come with 4 – pink wheels, 2 – 36T pulleys,  2 – 255-5M belts
  • Tons of grip & Large contact patch

These pink electric skateboard wheels are great for typical street riding and commuting. They stick on pavement and are great for carving and taking turns at high speeds because they won’t break traction and slide easily.

The hardness rating of 78A is soft enough to stick to the street and hard enough not to wear down easily. The 62mm width gives these wheels a large contact patch.

The two 36T pulleys in this wheel kit will produce higher top speed performance than bigger pulleys (40T for example).

These electric longboard street wheels will fit most 2 in 1 boards and the installation process is straightforward, taking 30 minutes or less. The inner bearing diameter on the wheels is 8mm.


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