Lingyi Remote control for electric skateboards

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  • Replacement remote for MTN, Summit, Coast, Swap models
  • Does your board use a Lingyi ESC? 
  • Pairing this remote to your board is a simple process

This Lingyi remote is easily paired to an electric skateboard with a Lingyi ESC.

This electric skateboard remote is made by Lingyi and pairs with a Lingyi ESC. If your board has a Lingyi ESC then this remote will work. Lingyi ESC’s and remotes are commonly used by different electric skateboard companies in the industry. 

This remote can be used as a replacement remote for our MTN, Summit, Day-Tripper, Swap, Coast models. This Lingyi remote has an LED screen that tracks important information like: battery remaining, speed, distance traveled and direction. It powers the board through the use of a toggle and has a handy wrist strap to prevent drops while riding. 


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