Two Pack – SL-300 Shredlights

CAD $99.00


  • Front light for any electric skateboard – Install in minutes
  • See up to 25 feet ahead
  • Be seen from 2,000 feet away
  • 3+ hour battery life with USB-C charging
  • Built to ride 1000+ miles
  • 1 year included warranty
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Riding at night can be an anxious experience – It’s next to impossible to see what’s in front of you, so you’re left guessing. If you’re riding close to traffic, then you want to be seen.

Shredlights solve both of these problems – you’ll see what’s in front of you and traffic will know you’re there when riding your electric skateboard at night.


Secure these SL-300 Shredlights electric skateboard lights to make riding at night a safer and less stressful experience. A two pack comes with headlights, so traffic and pedestrians will see you from up to 2,000 feet away! The SL-300 lights are 300 lumens each.


We have mounts that fit your board. Check here: Shredlights can also be installed on bikes, scooters and other personal electric vehicles – choose bar mounts for these.

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Standard Mount, Angled Mount, Flat Mount, Extended Mount


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