Studded Winter Wheel Kit – 160mm Airless All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Wheels

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  • Winter-Ready Kit: This package comes with 4 – 160mm studded all-terrain wheels, 2 – 60T pulleys, and 2 – 335-5M belts, providing everything you need to upgrade your electric skateboard for winter conditions.
  • Enhanced Grip on Icy Surfaces: The 6″ airless electric skateboard wheels are now equipped with studs for superior traction, making them ideal for winter terrains including icy roads, snow-covered paths, and more. Navigate through winter landscapes with confidence and ease.
  • Simple Installation: Just like the original version, these winterized wheels are easy to install in under 30 minutes. They are designed to be interchangeable and compatible with the standard 2in1 electric skateboard sold by most brands. The 8mm inner bearing diameter for the wheel and 10mm diameter for the pulley ensures a perfect fit for your board.
  • Durable and High-Quality Construction: Crafted from premium rubber and reinforced with studs, these wheels are built to withstand the harsh conditions of winter, offering exceptional durability.
  • Low Maintenance, High Performance: The studded wheels are maintenance-free and immune to flats, making them an ideal choice for skateboarders seeking reliable performance during the winter season.

Welcome to a new era of winter skateboarding! Our 160mm Airless Studded Wheels are designed to propel you through the most challenging winter landscapes. Crafted for performance and style, these wheels are your first step towards thrilling snow-covered rides.

Single pink 160mm studded airless wheel for electric skateboards
Single Pink 160mm Studded Wheel – Elevate Your Winter Ride

Dominate Winter Roads with Shaboardz’s Ultimate Electric Skateboard Wheel Kit

Tackle the toughest winter terrains with confidence using the Shaboardz Winter Wheel Kit. Our expertly designed 160mm airless studded wheels ensure your electric skateboard grips firmly to snowy and icy surfaces. The kit, featuring precision-engineered 60T pulleys and robust 335-5M belts, is the key to unlocking superior handling and control. This winter, elevate your electric skateboard from a seasonal hobby to an all-year-round passion with our unparalleled wheel kit.

Conquer the Cold with Shaboardz’s Stacked Yellow Studded Wheels

Elevate your winter escapades with our vibrant yellow studded wheels for an electric longboard. This stack of four 160mm airless wheels is your golden ticket to mastering icy paths and snowy trails. Engineered for resilience and designed for the bold, these wheels don’t just handle the extremes—they thrive in them. With a striking color that shines against the winter landscape and studs that bite into the slick surface, your electric skateboard becomes an unstoppable force of nature. Say goodbye to winter woes and hello to exhilarating rides with Shaboardz’s premium wheel kit. Ready to roll? Your adventure awaits.

Stack of yellow studded electric skateboard wheels
Pile of Performance: Studded Wheels
Complete 160mm studded wheel kit with pulleys and belts for e-skateboards
Complete Winter Wheel Kit: 160mm Studded Wheels with 60T Pulleys and 335-5M Belts

Transform Your Ride with the Ultimate 160mm Studded Skateboard Wheel Kit

Take on the winter season with confidence using our premium pink studded electric skateboard wheels. Each 160mm airless wheel is meticulously crafted with studs to enhance your board’s grip on the most slippery surfaces, ensuring top-notch stability and control. The robust wheel kit also includes high-performance 335-5M belts, ensuring your rides are smooth and your power transfer is efficient. Whether you’re looking to conquer snowy streets or icy paths, this all-terrain skateboard wheel upgrade is your key to unlocking thrilling, safe, and stylish winter adventures. Don’t let the cold slow you down; gear up with our winter skateboard kit and make every ride extraordinary.

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Dimensions 43.18 × 34.29 × 12.7 cm


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