Facebook Review

I bought the summit XT and I took it for my first ride.Very smooth board.I like the deck because it’s wide and your feet get a very good grip.The acceleration is not fast but it’s smooth.It doesn’t jerk you when you pull the trigger.The speed hit’s 45 klm and you can cruise at that speed with no issues.I got up to 47 klm and the brakes are very good.You can brake pretty hard so be careful.Don’t just stomp the trigger because the brakes are very stron.Much better than my own board carbon.Worth every penny if you ask me and much cheaper than other brands.It’s not an inexpensive board by far but worth the money none the less.After riding it everyday you get a good 30 klm range off of one charge.I’m 200 pounds 6 ft tall and I ride at full speed for most of my ride.Great board and I recommend this board to a beginner to intermediate rider.It’s more than fast enough.The remote has everything that you need and it has a nice fit and finish.

Kokkinidis Steve