Electric Mountainboard vs. Electric Longboard

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What is the difference between riding the Shaboardz Summit and Shaboardz MTN?

Both of these boards are electric all-terrain boards and can be ridden over grass, gravel, rocks and the forest floor. However, one of these boards does these things better than the other, and that’s MTN. 

The Best Choice for Electric Mountain Board

If you want a true electric mountainboard that can give a smooth ride over any terrain for extended periods of time, then the board you want to purchase is MTN. 

If most of your riding will be done away from roadways, paved trails and smooth surfaces, MTN is the board for you. MTN can handle rough terrain better than our Summit electric longboard and it does so for extended periods of time. 

The 8″ air-filled wheels, along with the springs featured on the trucks are better equipped to handle gravel, rocks and sticks. On our MTN board, you will hardly feel this bumpy terrain underneath you.

The board absorbs the rough terrain very well and hardly any of it is transferred to the rider through vibration. The pneumatic wheels and springs in the trucks do an excellent job of taking away vibration before it reaches the deck and eventually the rider. 

The Difference Between Boards

Just because MTN does these things better, doesn’t mean that Summit doesn’t do a good job. It handles the gravel, grass and dirt well, but it isn’t suitable for terrain with huge rocks and massive potholes – Summit can handle this terrain for short periods of time, but it isn’t a true mountainboard and is specifically built to ride on this type of terrain all of the time. 

The honeycomb wheels do a good job of eliminating most of the vibration riders will feel on terrain that isn’t smooth. You can ride on gravel and dirt trails, but if you do so for extended periods of time – say 10 km – you are going to feel the vibration in your feet and legs. 

Perks of Summit Board

Summit doesn’t come equipped with the same shock-absorbing components as MTN. You have 6″ airless wheels and no springs in the trucks, like MTN offers.

A great feature that Summit offers is its ability to take tighter turns – this board has double kingpin trucks which provide smoother turns and a smaller turning radius compared to MTN. The smaller turning radius makes it easier to maneuver than the larger frame and wheelbase of MTN. 

Both boards are great for riding on hard surfaces, like pavement. However, MTN can be extremely fun on pavement, once you get a good grasp on how to ride the board at higher speeds and can eliminate the speed wobbles that the springs produce at high speeds. When you ride MTN with your knees bent and a lower centre of gravity and turn with both feet, it can feel a lot like riding a snowboard on a powder day or literally floating on a cloud. 

The combination of the air-filled wheels and the springs just hits different, when you know how to ride it! It’s worth noting that MTN takes more skill to ride. It takes more practice to get comfortable with the feel of the board and to ride at higher speeds. 

An All-Purpose Board

I have extensively ridden both boards on a wide variety of terrain and personally, Summit is my favourite everyday board that we have to offer. I do a mixture of riding on different terrains, but most of my riding is done on older paved trails and sidewalks that have bumps. 

I also like to rip on grass and gravel for short periods of time and Summit does a fantastic job of transitioning from a relatively smooth surface to a bumpy one. For instance, I will be riding on a sidewalk, see some grass and just make the turn toward the grass and start riding the grass for a while. 

Another thing that makes the Summit a great everyday board vs. MTN is its weight – Summit weighs almost a third less, compared to MTN. Summit comes in at approximately 21.5 lbs with the all-terrain wheels on. Compare that to MTN weighing 30 lbs. MTN is also bigger and bulkier – it’s a true MTN board. 

If you’re commuting in the city and have to bring your board indoors or on public transit, then Summit makes more sense for you, it’s much easier to carry around.

Which Board to Choose?

So, as you can tell from this article, your decision should be based on your environment and riding style. If you live in an area filled with mountains and all-terrain trails and that is the type of terrain you want to ride, then MTN is your board – that’s what it’s built for!

In contrast, if you’re looking for a great all-around, everyday board that delivers a smooth ride on the street and some other terrains and is also easy to carry around, then Summit may be better suited for you. You can check out the specs a d purchase Summit

We do have customers that use MTN on a daily basis and have no problem with the weight and bulky frame because they like the way it handles off-road. However, I believe that Summit has more everyday riding benefits for the average person. 

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