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In recent years, the personal electric vehicle transportation landscape has been evolving at an impressive pace, and Calgary is no exception. As the city embraces sustainability and innovation, a new mode of transportation is taking center stage – electric skateboards. 

Combining the thrill of skateboarding with the convenience and eco-friendliness of electric power, these futuristic boards are rapidly gaining popularity among Calgarians. In this article, we will explore the world of electric skateboards in Calgary and why they are becoming a go-to choice for urban commuting and recreational fun.

What Makes Electric Skateboards a Sustainable Transportation Option in Calgary?

Reduced Traffic Congestion

Calgary is known for it’s rush hour traffic and congested roads at certain times of the day. Electric Skateboarders can avoid this by riding in bike paths and on trails in the city. Calgary has bike paths the scale the city and make it easy for people commuting on personal electric vehicles to easily get around and avoid traffic on the roadways.

By opting for electric skateboards, commuters contribute to reducing traffic congestion on Calgary’s roads. With their small size and maneuverability, electric skateboards can navigate through crowded streets and pathways, reducing the number of cars on the road and improving overall traffic flow.

Alternative to Motorized Vehicles

Electric skateboards provide an alternative to motorized vehicles for trips within the city. Instead of relying on cars or motorcycles for every commute, individuals can choose electric skateboards,

Integration with Public Transportation

Electric skateboards can easily complement Calgary’s existing public transportation system. Commuters can use them as a last-mile solution, bridging the gap between transit stations and their final destinations. This integration encourages a multi-modal approach to transportation, reducing reliance on personal vehicles.

Electric Skateboards are lightweight and easy to pick up and carry under your arm on to public transit.

Promoting Active Lifestyles

Riding an Electric Skateboard contributes to an active and healthy lifestyle, as many riders point out the similarities to snowboarding and the same muscles used to balance, turn & carve. Riding an Electric Skateboard outdoors, in sunlight, can be a great way to get your day started, in comparison to driving a car on a road amongst traffic.

Advantages of Using Electric Skateboards for Urban Commuting in Calgary

Using electric skateboards for urban commuting in Calgary offers several advantages:

1. Time and Cost Savings

Electric skateboards allow quicker travel times, especially during peak hours when traffic congestion is high. They can maneuver through traffic, take shortcuts, and access areas inaccessible by cars. This can help save time and reduce commuting frustrations.

2. Eco-Friendliness

Electric skateboards are an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. They produce zero emissions and have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to gas-powered vehicles. By choosing electric skateboards for urban commuting, individuals contribute to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, helping to create a cleaner and greener environment in Calgary.

3. Flexibility and Portability

Electric skateboards are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry on public transportation or store in small spaces. This flexibility allows commuters to combine different modes of transportation, such as using the skateboard for the first and last mile of their journey while using public transit for longer distances.

4. Health Benefits

Riding electric skateboards involves physical activity and engages various muscle groups, contributing to improved fitness and overall well-being. It offers a fun and exciting way to incorporate exercise into daily routines without needing a gym membership.

5. Reduced Congestion

Electric skateboards are compact and agile, allowing riders to maneuver through traffic and crowded areas easily. By choosing this mode of transportation, commuters can contribute to reducing congestion on Calgary’s roads, creating a smoother flow of traffic and reducing travel times for all road users.

Consider When Choosing an Electric Skateboard in Calgary

When choosing an electric skateboard in Calgary, riders should consider several factors to find a board that suits their needs and preferences. Here are two key factors to consider:

Range and Battery Life 

The range of an electric skateboard refers to the distance it can travel on a single charge. Riders should consider their typical commuting distance and choose a board with a range that meets their requirements. Additionally, battery life is crucial to determine how long the skateboard can be used before recharging.

Speed and Power

The speed and power of an electric skateboard are important considerations, especially for riders who want to cover longer distances or require faster travel times. Different electric skateboards have varying top speeds and motor power. Riders should evaluate their desired speed capabilities and choose a board that aligns with their comfort level and intended use.

Other Factors to Consider Include:

  • Weight and Portability: Consider the weight of the electric skateboard, as it can affect its portability and ease of carrying or storing when not in use.
  • Deck and Wheel Size: The size and material of the deck and wheels impact stability, ride comfort, and maneuverability. Consider your riding style and the terrain you will encounter to choose the appropriate deck and wheel size.
  • Control and Braking System: Look for electric skateboards with reliable and responsive control systems, including ergonomic remote controls. Additionally, consider the braking system and its effectiveness in ensuring a safe and controlled stopping experience.
  • Build Quality and Durability: Invest in an electric skateboard with a sturdy build quality that can withstand the rigours of daily commuting. Look for boards made from high-quality materials that can handle various weather conditions and terrain types.
  • Safety Features: Check for additional features like LED lights for increased visibility, regenerative braking systems, and sturdy fenders or guards.

What Sets Shaboardz Electric Skateboard Apart From Other Electric Skateboards in Calgary?

Shaboardz Electric Skateboard
Electric Skateboard Calgary 2

Shaboardz electric skateboard stands out from other electric skateboards in Calgary due to its unique features and exceptional design. Here are a few factors that set Shaboardz apart:

Premium Build Quality

Shaboardz electric skateboard is known for its high-quality construction. It utilizes top-grade materials, ensuring durability and reliability even in demanding riding conditions. The attention to detail and craftsmanship make Shaboardz a standout choice for riders looking for a well-built electric skateboard.

Advanced Technology

Shaboardz integrates advanced technology into its electric skateboards. Shaboardz offers cutting-edge features that enhance performance and ride experience, from powerful motors and high-capacity batteries to intelligent control systems. Riders can expect smooth acceleration, responsive controls, and advanced safety features.


Shaboardz electric skateboard offers a range of customization options, allowing riders to personalize their boards to match their style and preferences. With various deck designs, wheel options, and accessories available, riders can create a unique and personalized electric skateboard that suits their tastes.

Focus on Safety

Shaboardz prioritizes rider safety by incorporating regenerative braking systems, reliable braking mechanisms, and LED lights for increased visibility during low-light conditions. These safety features give riders added confidence and peace of mind while enjoying their electric skateboard.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Shaboardz emphasizes excellent customer service and strives to ensure customer satisfaction. They provide comprehensive support, including warranty coverage and assistance with any queries or concerns riders may have.

Shaboardz electric skateboard stands out in Calgary’s electric skateboard market due to its premium build quality, advanced technology, customizability, focus on safety, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Riders can expect a high-performance, reliable, and enjoyable riding experience with Shaboardz electric skateboards.

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