EUC vs Electric Skateboarding – Benefits of Electric Skateboard Over EUC

In personal electric transportation, two popular options have emerged: electric skateboards and electric unicycles (EUCs). This article will compare these products to shed light on the benefits of electric skateboards over EUCs, explicitly focusing on their similarities to onewheels. 

We will explore why electric skateboards, like the ones offered at Shaboardz, surpass EUCs and onewheels, addressing the downsides and highlighting the superior features that make electric skateboards the ultimate choice for enthusiasts and commuters.

Benefits of Electric Skateboards Over Electric Unicycles (EUCs)

Electric skateboards and electric unicycles (EUCs) are popular personal electric transportation options. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, here are some benefits of electric skateboards over electric unicycles:

Ease of Learning

Electric skateboards generally have a lower learning curve than electric unicycles (EUCs). The familiar skateboard design and intuitive controls make it easier for beginners to adapt and start riding quickly. You literally just stand on the board with your two feet and use the controller to accelerate or stop – anyone can do it!


With their four-wheel configuration, electric skateboards offer greater stability compared to EUCs, which have a single wheel. The four-wheel setup provides a more balanced platform and enhances stability, especially for riders new to electric transportation.


Electric skateboards excel in maneuverability due to their four-wheel design. The additional wheels allow for smoother turns and greater control. If you’re bringing your personal electric vehicle indoors after a long ride, an electric skateboard is much lighter and easier to carry. Even Shaboardz most expensive board only weighs 25 lbs. This is much lighter in comparison to EUC’s.


Electric skateboards are more accessible to a wider range of riders. The familiarity with the skateboard design and the availability of handheld remote controls for speed and braking make them user-friendly and easier for beginners and those without prior experience.

Customization Options

Electric skateboards are easy to customize in a variety of different ways, from changing the wheel size, style and colour, to changing the pulleys to influence the performance of the boards. Riders of electric skateboards can also change their trucks and bushings, based on their preference.


The wider deck of electric skateboards provides more foot space, resulting in a more comfortable ride compared to the narrower foot platforms of EUCs. You’ll want to feel safe and stable when riding at high-speeds and the long deck of an electric skateboard helps riders accomplish this feeling of safety.

Availability and Price Range

Electric skateboards are often more widely available and come in various price points, offering options for different budgets. This accessibility makes it easier for individuals to find an electric skateboard that suits their needs and preferences. On average, a highly priced electric skateboard board is much cheaper than even a mid-level EUC.


The stability and maneuverability of electric skateboards and the ability to control speed and braking contribute to a safer riding experience for riders of all skill levels.

It’s important to note that while electric skateboards have numerous benefits over EUCs, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, riding objectives, and skill levels.

Why Are Electric Skateboards Considered More Accessible to Beginners?

Electric skateboards are considered more accessible to beginners compared to EUCs and onewheels for several reasons:


Electric skateboards closely resemble traditional skateboards, which many individuals are already familiar with. The similar design, including the deck, trucks, and wheels, helps beginners feel more comfortable and confident when starting their electric skateboard journey. This familiarity reduces the initial learning curve and allows riders to adapt quickly.

Two-Foot Placement

Electric skateboards allow riders to place both feet on the deck, providing a more stable and balanced platform. This configuration helps beginners maintain their balance and feel more secure while riding. In contrast, EUCs and onewheels require riders to balance on a single wheel, which can be challenging for newcomers and may take more time to master.

Handheld Remote Control

Electric skateboards typically come with a handheld remote control that allows riders to control speed and braking. This feature provides additional control and assists beginners in managing their riding experience. The remote control makes it easier to adjust speed gradually, allowing beginners to build their confidence at their own pace. This can help riders feel more control of the experience, instead of feeling like the product is in control of them.

Four-Wheel Stability

Electric skateboards typically have a four-wheel configuration, which enhances stability and control. The additional wheels provide a broader base and distribute the rider’s weight more evenly. This stability is beneficial for beginners who are still developing their balance and coordination skills.

How Does the Customization and Performance of Electric Skateboards Differ From EUCs?

Here are how electric skateboard customization options and overall performance differ from EUCs, allowing riders to tailor their experience to their specific preferences.


Electric skateboards provide a greater range of customization options compared to EUCs. Riders can choose from various deck shapes, lengths, and flexibilities to suit their riding style. Additionally, they can swap out wheels for different sizes and durometers and adjust truck tightness to enhance maneuverability.

How Do Shaboardz Electric Skateboards Outperform EUCs and Onewheels?

Shaboardz electric skateboards outperform EUCs and onewheels regarding accessibility, stability, and customization.

Regarding accessibility, Shaboardz electric skateboards are designed to be user-friendly for riders of all levels. With intuitive controls and a familiar skateboard design, they are much easier to learn and ride than EUCs and onewheels.

In terms of stability, Shaboardz electric skateboards shine with their four-wheel configuration. This design provides a more balanced and stable platform, making them easier to control and maneuver, especially for riders new to electric transportation.

Regarding customization, Shaboardz electric skateboards offer a wide range of options. Riders can choose from various deck styles, sizes, and flexibilities to match their preferences and riding style. Additionally, they can customize their wheels, trucks, and other components, allowing for a truly personalized riding experience.

Overall, Shaboardz electric skateboards combine accessibility, stability, and customization to provide riders with a superior electric transportation option, surpassing EUCs and onewheels.

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