Get More Battery Range With Our Updated Boards

This year we’ve updated our electric mountainboard with some new components and new batteries. We’ve also made some changes to the bindings on the MTN model.

New & Improved Summit and MTN Longboards

There were some delays in dropping our upgraded 2022 models this Spring, but they’re finally here! We’ve updated our Summit and MTN models with some new components and we’re excited to have them in stock and ready to ship to our customers.

Both of these all-terrain electric longboards have received upgrades to their batteries. We’re now using Samsung 30Q cells in the batteries on these models. Both batteries have increased capacity and output. 

In previous years we’ve used a 360Wh battery in our MTN model. This year our mountain board battery has a capacity of 432Wh. If you’re riding the board at high speeds and off-road then this upgraded battery is good to pump out a few extra kilometres. 

If you’re riding at a moderate level, on flat ground then you’ll get 5-8 km more out of the new battery in our mountainboard. Battery range is totally dependent on how you ride. For instance; when we ride this board on trails in Squamish, we are constantly pushing it as hard as it can go on off-road trails and when we hit the pavement we’re riding at top speed. 

With this type of riding, we get approximately 17 km. On the other hand, we’ve sold this board to customers who use it to commute on flat ground and don’t push it as hard and they can get approximately 35 km out of our MTN model. 

More Upgrades to Our Most Popular Longboards

Other changes we’ve made to our MTN model for this season include: 

  1. Pre-drilled holes for the bindings to be set up for goofy stance. The bindings can also be completely removed from the board in a quick process that takes about 5 minutes with an Allen key and t-tool. 
  1. A new and improved remote control that’s a little bit bigger, has a finger hole which makes it easier to hold and control. The toggle used to accelerate and brake, along with the screen on the remote is also bigger. These changes make for a more user-friendly experience. 
  1. A new 10-layer deck has a different shape and includes two layers of bamboo, which makes it more durable and flexible. The flex on this deck is great for ripping on off-road trails with twists and turns. 

Outside of these changes, our electric mountainboard remains similar to the model of years past. We still use the spring-loaded trucks and 8″ pneumatic wheels that produce an extremely smooth ride on off-road trails. 

Bigger Battery & More Range

Now on to our Summit model and the upgrades we’ve made to this off-road electric longboard. 

As we previously mentioned, we’ve upgraded the battery in this model. At the beginning of last year, we had a 378Wh battery in this model, but because of supply chain issues we were no longer able to source the LG cells used in this battery and we had to start using a 270Wh battery. 

Ever since that time we’ve been working to source new cells and produce a battery with a larger capacity. In 2022 we’re now using Samsung 30Q cells in this battery, which has a capacity of 324Wh battery. 

Again, the range of this board will depend on how you ride it. When we ride this board we push it hard on off-road trails in Squamish and ride on terrain with plenty of hills. When riding like this we get approximately 15 KM range out of the board. You may be thinking that the range on our Summit model is very close to the range on our MTN model and you’re right! 

Although the battery capacity is smaller on our Summit model, so are the wheels and pulley! Smaller wheels will give you a little bit more range. We pump out about 15 km on this board when pushing it hard, but not everyone rides like this. If you’re riding on flat terrain and not interested in testing the top speed, you can get much more range out of this board. We’ve had customers pump out 25-30 km.

Improved Features

We’ve also made some other changes on this board, which include the updated bigger and more user-friendly remote control and some cosmetic changes like the fresh grip tape design and updated battery compartment. Outside of those changes, we’re keeping most of the other features the same, like its flexible bamboo deck, double kingpin trucks and 6″ maintenance-free, all-terrain wheels. Those features make this a great all-terrain electric longboard for riding off-road and carving.

Both of these boards were already perfect off-road electric longboards for beginner and moderate riders, but with the upgrades we’ve made for the 2022 season, they’re now even better. 

When it comes to high-performance boards with larger batteries and higher top speeds, we also have our fastest e-board back in stock! You can pump out 50-80 km distance on a single charge on our Rampage model. This is our fastest electric longboard with a top speed of 52 km/h. 

With gas prices as high as they are right now, Rampage is a cheaper alternative to commuting by vehicle. You save money on gas, insurance costs and vehicle upkeep. We can guarantee you’ve never experienced an adrenaline rush on the morning commute like the one you’ll get from riding our fastest board!

Brand New Safety Gear Made by Nobleman

On top of the updated boards, we’ve also got some new safety gear in stock. Nobleman full-face helmets have hit the shelves at E-Kruise in Kelowna and are available on our website for fast shipping within Canada. Nobleman bucket-style helmets are also available online and at E-Kruise. 

Nobleman full-face helmets are high-quality, premium helmets that stand out and turn heads while keeping yours protected. These helmets feature built-in sunglasses, breathable fabric, lightweight design, a slot for your Bluetooth headset and a full face shield that can easily be removed, giving the rider the option to wear the helmet in three different styles and break it down to just a half-face helmet. This is an all-weather, multi-season helmet suitable for all riding conditions.

We’re happy to have all of these updated products in stock and ready to ship to you and serve you unlike any other e-skate company can. On top of our updated models and restock of Rampage, we’re going to be releasing a new board very soon! 
This will be another high-performance e-board with crazy torque delivered from belt-drive motors and a battery that will get you where you need to go! Stay tuned for updates coming soon.

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