New releases – Our best 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard yet

A new year will bring new products from Shaboardz – our 2 in 1 electric skateboards will be getting some massive upgrades and we’ll be releasing our fastest electric longboard to date.

Our best 2 in 1 electric skateboard is Summit XT v2. It’s our fastest board to date and has gone through a number of significant component upgrades for the 2023 riding season.

best 2 in 1 electric skateboard
Summit XT v2

Our budget all-terrain electric longboard, Summit v3, has received some huge upgrades in torque and speed, along with a big increase in battery range.

IMG 0753 1
Summit v3

Higher Output Batteries

Both of these all-terrain electric longboards have new and improved batteries and ESC’s.

Our Summit v3 board features an improved battery with a higher output and capacity. In 2022 we used a 10s 36 Volt battery with 18650 cells, but in 2023 this board will be equipped with a 12s 43.2 Volt battery that features 21700 cells. A higher output battery will give the board more torque and produce faster speeds, while the increased 12Ah capacity will increase the board’s battery range.

The battery in Summit XT v2 has the same 15Ah capacity as last year’s model, but the output will increase because we are using higher output Samsung 50S cells. Rider’s can expect increased torque, acceleration and a higher top speed.

High output ESC’s 

If you’re looking to buy a high output electric skateboard then Summit XT v2 will be one of the best available on the market for the price. We’ll be upgrading the ESC from 30 amp to 45 amp – the new ESC along with the upgraded battery will dramatically impact the acceleration and top speed of this board.

Our budget all-terrain electric longboard also has an upgraded 35A ESC, compared to the 25A esc we used last year. The higher output ESC will produce more power and speed. Anyone riding this board will be impressed with its acceleration and torque – especially beginners! This budget all-terrain electric skateboard will be one of the best on the market at its price point.

Other changes on our fastest electric skateboard

Summit XT v2 will feature bigger 6374 motors with 3500 watts each. These motors have a lower 150KV rating which is more efficient because of it’s lower spin rate and produces more torque in comparison to the 6368 motors we used last year.

IMG 0705 1
New releases - Our best 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard yet 8

We’ll be using a smaller 55T pulley to increase its top speed and traditional kingpin trucks to give the board more stability at high speeds and help riders feel safer when pushing the limits of their board. Both the trucks and pulleys are custom made (CNC) produced in small batches.

IMG 0761
55T CNC pulleys

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to change out the pulleys to any of the AT pulleys available on our website, which include 60T and 66T.  This board is highly customizable to the customer and gives you the option to easily change wheels and pulleys to fit your needs. Want to learn more about how pulleys affect your board’s performance?

Summit XT v2 also has new wheels. The 2023 model will have 150mm Hota wheels, instead of the 155mm wheels we used last year. We had some complaints from customers about the 155mm wheels last year, mostly due to the off-road tread pattern and how this would affect the ride quality at high speed on pavement. This tread pattern caused vibration at high speeds.

IMG 0704 1
150mm pneumatic Hota wheels

The 150mm wheels have a lower profile and less distinct tread pattern, designed for a smoother ride on pavement at high speeds. This will result in a more stable ride on pavement, but you’ll still be able to use the wheels off-road.

How about Summit v3?

The motors on Summit have been upgraded to 6370 motors with more torque and a lower KV rating that makes them more efficient. The motors are quieter than the smaller 5065 motors we used in the past with the higher KV rating.

IMG 0721 1
New releases - Our best 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard yet 9

The wheels and pulleys on Summit are the same as previous years. The large majority of our Summit customers love the airless all-terrain wheels because they are low maintenance and can’t go flat. If you prefer pneumatic wheels, you’ll be able to switch them out in minutes. You can learn more about 2 in 1 electric skateboards here.

What’s the difference between Summit & Summit XT?

We created our Summit Series line-up with the goal to give customers a choice between a cheap all-terrain electric longboard and a higher performance all-terrain electric longboard and that’s what we did.

Summit XT is the bigger, stronger, faster version of Summit. Riders can expect more speed, torque, durability and range out of Summit XT. Our fastest electric longboard does more than just give you a crazy top speed – its extremely durable Carbon Fiber deck is the strongest on the market and next to impossible to break. Check out the durability test we did in Kelowna, Canada:

We use a bamboo deck on our Summit model and it definitely has its benefits – the main one being its flexibility! Riding on a flexible deck is tons of fun, especially on tight turns when you can push into it. It’s also very durable and rarely cracks. 

We use a carbon deck on Summit XT – this carbon deck has a weight capacity of 340 lbs which makes it a good electric longboard for bigger riders.

The bamboo deck we use on Summit has a weight capacity of 265 lbs.

We compare the decks more in-depth in our Summit vs Summit XT blog last year during the launch of our Summit Series. We’re using the same decks on our 2023 models.

Comparing the wheels

Our Summit Series boards come equipped with two totally different wheel set ups. The sizes are similar – both are roughly 6” in diameter – which is a great size for riding off-road because this larger size wheel will absorb bumps on rough terrain better than a wheel that is smaller in diameter.

Our Summit model budget all-terrain electric longboard uses airless wheels that require little to no maintenance and are puncture resistant. Many riders prefer these wheels compared to air-filled (pneumatic) wheels because they don’t have to deal with punctured tubes or tires and change tubes. The material also lasts longer than rubber tires that are used on pneumatic wheels.

Our Summit XT model uses pneumatic wheels which provide the most comfortable ride available for an all-terrain electric longboard riding off-road. Air-filled (pneumatic) wheels absorb bumps so well that vibration is virtually non-existent. These wheels also provide a level of grip that is second to no other set of electric longboard wheels when riding on pavement.

best 2 in 1 electric skateboard
We see Summit XT v2 150mm pneumatic wheel on the left & Summit v3 160mm airless wheel on the right.

Both wheels have advantages and disadvantages, it really depends on the rider’s preference. A 2 in 1 electric skateboard gives the owner a tremendous advantage compared to other boards because you can change the wheels and pulleys to your liking. 

You can use virtually any wheel you want on Summit & Summit XT because both are 2 in 1 boards. Example: If you purchase Summit and you’d prefer pneumatic wheels over the airless wheels, then you can install the pneumatics on the board in under 20 minutes. 

The opposite is also true – if you’d prefer the airless wheels on Summit XT, you can install them just as quickly.

In fact, we’ll install them for you before shipping your new board. Just get in contact with us and let us know!

How much range will I get on each model?

Both of our Summit Series boards will be using 12s batteries with 21700 cells in 2023. 

The battery in Summit XT will have a higher capacity at 15Ah than the 12Ah battery in our Summit model.

Range is dependent on numerous factors, some of which include: How fast you ride, how much you ride uphill, all-terrain riding on rough surfaces, how hard your wheels are, how big the pulleys are on the wheels, the size of the motors and the most important – how big the battery is.

Riders on Summit can expect to get between 30 km – 45 km on a single charge. The larger battery and more efficient motors are responsible for the board’s increased range this year.

Riders on Summit XT v2 can expect to pump out at least 35 km on the low end and as much as 55 km on the high end. Summit XT has the same capacity battery (15Ah) as last year.

Another area where Summit XT outperforms Summit is in charging time – Summit XT comes with a 4.5 Amp fast charger that charges the board in about 4 hours. Summit comes with a 2.5 Amp charger and will take approximately 5 hours or a little longer to fully charge.

How fast can these boards go?

These boards are fast! Let’s just say you’re not going to hit top speed on your first ride. You’ll have to get comfortable with the acceleration and speed over a couple of weeks, before you can feel confident enough to really open it up and test the top speeds.

Last year, Summit, our budget all-terrain board topped out at 40 km/h with the 6” all-terrain wheels, but this year riders can expect a top speed of 48 km/h which was the top speed on our high performance Summit XT model last year. That’s how much our company and boards have changed in the span of a year – you now get the same top speed on our budget all-terrain board as our high performance model could reach last year.

If our budget 2 in 1 electric skateboard gets the same top speed as our high performance board got last year, then that means Summit XT is going to be riding at even higher speeds, right? Exactly! This year, riders can expect a top speed of 57 km/h on Summit XT with the 6” pneumatic wheels and 55T pulley. The new CNC pulley has been added to get a higher speed out of the board that already has tons of torque.

When you switch to smaller wheels and pulleys on these 2 in 1 electric skateboards then you can expect an even higher top speed! If you crave adrenaline and you really want to push your limits and the board’s limits with crazy top speeds, then smaller wheels and pulleys are the way to go. Wheels are easily changed out in a matter of minutes and we have pulleys as small as 36T (teeth).

Other things to consider

We know you’re making a substantial purchase when you buy an all-terrain electric longboard – these products aren’t cheap. Shaboardz is a local Canadian company based out of North Vancouver, Canada. We want to provide a level of service to our customers that other e-commerce electric skateboard companies aren’t offering.

You can call Shaboardz directly, at: 1-604-250-9039. That’s how we’re different than the other e-skate brands! We don’t use bots for communication.

We also provide a 1 year warranty on all of our new 2023 electric skateboards. We have your back!

We stock tons of wheel kits, so our customers can customize their boards to suit their needs and riding style. We also stock all of the parts that come on your board and different ones, so if you want to make a change or you need to repair your board outside of the warranty window, then we will quickly ship you the parts and will have videos for you to reference during the replacement process. If you choose, you can ship your board to us for repair (note: customers have to pay for shipping when using this service.)

We have a dedicated team at E-kruise in Kelowna that takes care of sales and service for our customers in interior BC. Stay tuned for information on our new store opening in North Vancouver next week!

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