Summit Vs. Summit XT: Off-road Electric Longboards

off-road electric longboards

After a long-anticipated wait, Summit v2 & Summit XT v1 is here! These off-road electric longboards have some amazing features and a lot of similarities.. So many similarities, that we’ve created a Summit series within our line-up. Summit & Summit XT have belt drive systems, similarly shaped decks, double kingpin trucks, 6″ all-terrain wheels and the option to change out the AT wheels for street wheels.

Our Summit model is our entry-level all-terrain electric longboard. If you’re just starting out with electric longboards and want to ride off-road, then our Summit model is going to be everything a beginner needs to have fun riding on surfaces other than pavement and sidewalks. You’ll have enough battery range, speed and comfort when riding off-road.

Summit XT is going to give you all of the same benefits, but you’ll get extra everything – extra torque, speed, weight capacity and extended battery life. It’s our Summit model on Steroids! 

Comparing the motors

On Summit XT you’ll get over double the power on the motor set up. 

On SUMMIT we use 2 × 5065 motors with 2400 watts of total power. These motors are great for ripping on any terrain and will provide enough torque to ride up a 20% incline.

Shaboardz summit motors 600x400 1

SUMMIT XT has 2 × 6368 motors with 6000 watts of total power. These motors provide a crazy amount of torque as soon as you push the toggle on the remote forward. They’ll power you up a 35%+ incline.

Shaboardz SummitXT motors 768x512 1

We have a video on our YouTube channel ripping up one of the steepest and longest residential hills in Squamish, BC on SUMMIT XT. .

When considering how much torque a board has it’s also important to take into account the pulley size.

SUMMIT: 60T pulley

SUMMIT XT: 66T pulley

A larger pulley provides more torque. 

Comparing range and battery power 

When comparing the batteries on the Summit series boards, SUMMIT XT has a superior battery that will provide you with more range.

SUMMIT XT has a 666Wh battery, that has Samsung 21700 cells. You can expect this battery to pump out 30-50 km. 

SUMMIT has a 324Wh battery that uses Samsung 18650 cells. You can expect 12-25 km on this board. 

Top speeds

SUMMIT XT will pump out a top speed between 45 km/h – 50 km/h.

SUMMIT will pump out 38 km/h – 40 km/h.

With the amount of torque, Summit XT has it will accelerate and get up to top speed much faster than our Summit model. 

Comparing the decks

Decks sideview compaisom 768x512 1

The decks we use on SUMMIT and SUMMIT XT are totally different and have contrasting feels for different riders!

SUMMIT has a flexible bamboo deck that’s loved by old-school longboarders who love getting some pop out of their decks when they carve. It has a weight capacity of 265 lbs.

SUMMIT XT has a stiff carbon fibre deck that can take an absolute beating. We’ve banged it off rocks and sidewalk curbs without puncturing and cracking it. It has a weight capacity of 340 lbs. 

Summit Vs. Summit XT: Off-road Electric Longboards 9


Although both boards have the same size all-terrain wheels, they are actually quite different in the way they’re made 

SUMMIT has solid rubber wheels with a honeycomb design to reduce weight. The wheels are 6″ in diameter. They don’t have tubes, so there’s little to no maintenance.

Shaboardz summit wheels low view 600x400 1

SUMMIT XT has pneumatic wheels. If you haven’t heard this word before, it means they’re filled with air! Pneumatics are generally a little more maintenance because you have to keep an eye on PSI and you might have to change a tube here and there. There’s a benefit to the added maintenance though, Pneumatics usually provide a smoother ride on uneven surfaces. SUMMIT XT wheels are also 6″ in diameter. 

SummitXT wheels 768x512 1

You can change out the wheels to street wheels on both SUMMIT and SUMMIT XT.

Cloud wheels and PU wheels are an option. You’ll get added range and a higher top-end speed because the smaller wheels will be using a smaller pulley. 

Weight, maneuverability & dimensions

When it comes to weight, Summit beats Summit XT – it weighs about 4 pounds less. This is noticeable when picking the two boards up to carry them. Summit seems a lot easier to pick up and carry while walking. One might find themselves in a situation where they need to pick their board up to hop on a bus or train; in this scenario, Summit wins. It’s easy to pick Summit up and carry it under your arm. Summit XT is heavier and also longer, which makes it a little harder to maneuver in these types of situations. 

Summit weighs 21 lbs

Summit XT weighs 25 lbs

When comparing the length and dimensions of the boards, it’s no secret that Summit seems more compact and easier to travel with than Summit XT. 

Summit XT is about 45″ in total length. That’s measuring from the back of the motor protection guard, up to the beginning of the front wheel.

Summit is about 42″ in total length. That’s measuring from the back of the motor to the beginning of the front wheel. 

Both boards have a wheelbase of approximately 12″. That’s measuring from the outside of each wheel. There’s little to no difference in that department. 

Both decks used on these models have the same concave design, where they curve inward toward the middle of the deck. The middle of each deck is more narrow than the rear and front of the deck, where the rider positions their feet. This design gives the rider ample room on the deck where their feet are positioned while riding.

Summit measures 9.5″ at its widest point across and 8.25″ in the middle of the deck.

Summit XT measures 10″ at its widest points and 9″ in the middle of the deck.

Clearance 768x512 1

When it comes to clearance Summit XT gets the upper hand with about .5″ more clearance than Summit. You’re going to get approximately 4″ of total clearance with Summit XT and 3.5″ with Summit.

Although these boards have many similarities in look and feel, they also have many differences. Summit XT gives you eXTra in a number of categories, like speed, battery range and weight capacity,  but the same is also true for the size and weight of the board. Bigger isn’t always better for some people, and Summit XT is definitely bigger and more difficult to maneuver than Summit. 

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