Warranty Policy

365-Day Warranty on all 2023 model boards.

All 2023 model boards come with a 1 year warranty, in the rear case your board breaks. Parts and Components purchased separately come with a three month warranty. The warranty period starts the day the product is received. We have just increased the length of our warranty by 6 months.

2022 model boards still have a 6 month warranty.

What the Warranty includes:








If you purchased your board in the Greater Vancouver area, you can drop it off in North Vancouver and we will fix it free of charge and tell you when it’s ready to pick up.

If you live in the Kelowna area, you can drop your board off at E-Kruise and we’ll fix it free of charge. 

If your board was shipped to you we will diagnose the problem and send you the parts, along with instructions on how to fix your board. We have a long list of tutorials available on our YouTube channel to help you through the process. Here’s a link:


If your board breaks when the warranty period is over we can provide a repair service or send you the necessary parts at a cost

We believe that anyone is capable of repairing our boards with proper instructions and parts!

If you are uncomfortable fixing it, then you can ship the board to us and we’ll repair it for you and ship it back to you. The customer will be required to cover the cost of shipping in the instance. Keep in mind that we are here to help you and we’ll even jump on a video call to give you better direction and get your board riding again.

The warranty will not include wear & tear items that are a part of regular maintenance, like: 

What the Warranty doesn’t include






PU sleeves

Grip tape

Warranty also does not include: 

Damage caused by the rider – Careless use of the board or accidents caused by the rider.

Exceeding the weight limit suggested by us, by towing objects or riding with more than one person on the board.

Water damage – Our boards are water-resistant and are sealed well. Riding in light rain or through a puddle from time to time will not cause the board to break. However, riding in heavy rain or submerging the board in water can cause issues and result in damage to the electrical components. We use a sticker that turns red when it is exposed to water, so we can tell when the board has water damage.

Modifications to the board or unauthorized repairs that use different components or repair instructions.

We don’t offer warranty on boards that have been resold to others by the original customer. 

You will need to have the original receipt from the purchase.

We will not send you a new board on a warranty claim. We send parts and instructions on how to fix the product.