A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Longboard Vs Electric Skateboard

So, you’re looking to get your first electric skateboard? Congratulations! A life of exhilarating fun awaits you!

There’s just one problem: Should you get an electric longboard or electric skateboard? What’s the difference anyway? 

Plus, if you’ve tried researching online, you’ve probably realized there are too many options on the market.  How do you find an eboard that works for you and is worth every cent you pay for it? 

Well, you need to understand the inner workings of electrical longboards vs electric skateboards. This comprehensive guide will help you find what works for you by laying down the important features of both. Check it out!

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Five differences between a longboard and a skateboard

There are five main differences that  differentiate longboards from skateboards:

1. Size

The first biggest difference between the two is size. It goes without saying that a longboard is longer than a skateboard. It’s also wider in most cases.

Skateboards are 28 to 34 inches long and measure between 7 to 10 inches in width while longboards are 35 to 60 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide.

2. Shape

The next biggest difference is shape. Skateboards spot a kicktail on each end and a slight sideways inclination towards the rails or each of the ends of the board.

While manufacturers have introduced new shapes to the longboard – to suit the modern skateboarder or for fashion’s sake – longboards are typically flat with a very small camber. They also have more narrow ends, so the wheels don’t touch the deck while the rider is making turns. This space gives the board the ability to make extraordinary turns and carves.

3. Wheels

Longboards feature larger (between 60mm and 200mm) and softer wheels for easier or faster riding. These features also facilitate shock absorption.

Skateboard wheels are smaller (between 52 and 58mm) making them fit for performing tricks and flips.  They also help with speed control. 

4. Trucks

The bases that hold the wheels together are called trucks. The trucks on a skateboard are rigid and narrower and have the same width as the skateboard’s deck at its widest point.

Longboards, on the other hand, have more flexible trucks that are typically 7 – 17 inches wide.

5. Deck flexibility

Many longboards are designed for top speed while riding down a hill. For this reason, their decks are thicker with lower flex for support. Skateboards have a higher flex and are thinner than longboards and have a kicktail on the deck. 

Decks for electric longboards and skateboards are usually made of either bamboo or carbon. Bamboo is more flexible, while carbon fiber tends to be rigid.  This will also play into how flexible your deck is whether you buy an electric skateboard or longboard.

How to choose an e-board depending on use

When choosing between an electric skateboard and an electric longboard, think about what you want to do with it to make a smart choice. Here’s a list of the most common uses and the matching options. 

1. Easy riding 

If you want to cruise around the neighborhood, a longboard offers better stability than a skateboard. 

As a beginner, learning to stand on a skateboard will take extra effort because it has a smaller deck and smaller and harder wheels. 

The bigger deck on a longboard not only provides better stability, but the bigger and softer wheels enable a smoother ride over bumpy parts – where a skateboard would trip and make you fall.

Keep this in mind: the longer the deck and wheelbase, the more comfortable and easier to manage your ride will be. 

2. Transportation

Comfortable riding for long distances depends on how much speed and ease of pushing you to have. 

An electric skateboard may go faster than the speed of a typical skateboard, but it’s less comfortable than a longboard -the deck and wheelbase size are smaller causing you to always strive for balance. 

An electric longboard enables you to ride low and struggle much less where stability is concerned.  

Also, a longboard makes a better option if you weigh more than average, are taller than most people, or have big feet – They have more room for your feet and also provide more space for bigger batteries. 

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A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Longboard Vs Electric Skateboard 3

3. Urban commuting

If you’ll be spending a good amount of time finding your way on crowded streets, or whizzing between and past cars in traffic, you need a board that’s easier to maneuver and with a tighter spin radius. 

However, if you have to pick up your e-board and carry it around, a skateboard may be better.  You can easily put it under your arm, in a locker, or in a bag. Longboards take up more space than is available when you’re away from home. The material of your longboard plays a major factor in the weight of the board. 

4. Freeriding and downhill

Can’t wait for the feel of riding down a hill fast or do some slides? Stick to the longboard.

The winning feature with longboards here is their ability for greater control. Most of them are designed for mastering movement instead of being mastered by it. Plus, because they have larger wheels and wheelbase, along with lower decks, you’re better assured of not flipping in the air at some point during your ride. 

A skateboard lacks the level of control you need to race down a hill because of its smaller wheels and wheelbase. 

5. Dancing

For dancing, you shouldn’t even worry about the longboard vs skateboard features to consider.  It’s obvious you should choose a longboard – but not just any longboard. Go for the extra-large types, with better flex and that is mildly concaved.

This kind of board offers you everything for dancing movements –stability and balance when you cross your steps and maneuverability when carving on a flat surface.  

The problem with a skateboard deck is that it’s too short and rigid. The wheels are also small and the tight trucks offer little help for dance riding. 

Are longboards faster than skateboards?

This is probably one of the most pressing questions among skateboarding beginners when evaluating longboard vs skateboard features. 

To be clear, conventional longboards are faster than conventional skateboards because they have bigger wheels and tracks. However, the speed of e-boards is determined by models, motor power, battery output, the weight of the rider, and other factors.

If speed is a primary concern for you, you may need to invest in a top-of-the-range e-board. 

Key takeaway

Skateboards are exciting, and longboards could be your best transportation companions but the choice is entirely up to you. You can’t show off your surfing skills with the wrong board, so, it’s wise to seek expert help before buying to get the best one. 

At Shaboardz we stock the best and most affordable electric longboards, parts and accessories in Canada and internationally. Although we use both terms “electric skateboard” & “electric longboard” in our online store, our boards are actually considered longboards because of their length, wheel size and truck size.

We use the term “electric skateboard” because it is the industry standard and all other brands use “electric skateboard” even if most of their boards are longboards. We had to do the same, to stay in business and keep up.

Shop now to get the best start on your first electric longboard. 




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